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(Cyber-Scan Films) DVD. 90 minutes. Not rated, nudity, softcore lesbo sex. The ever dastardly Dr. Scrotus hires world renowned treasure hunter Cara Loft (Lauren Hays) to search the world for the mysterious…ah who cares about the actual plot? What we have here is a bunch of nudity loaded, soft core lesbian scenes surrounded by a bunch of filler, and one funny joke aimed at Indiana Jones.
Aside from its title and amusing Indiana Jones goof, there is very little that helps this movie stand out from its peers in an overly crowded DVD genre; erotic spoofs. Yes, Womb Raider does flaunt good looking, the best being Antoinette Abbott (plays Natasha), women across the screen and into each other’s arms with flashing tongues, and I did appreciate this. However, you can see this stuff just about anywhere these days and while it may be erotic, it can be run of the mill. There is a lot of nudity and the sex-more like touching- scenes are well done, but there’s nothing that’ll have you waking up your love bird for a little action. OK, Lauren Hays’ desert canteen bath is kind of hot and gave me a slight quiver down below and the ending hot tub scene toyed with my imagination. I suppose I was a little disappointed by this movie due to the title. After all, one would think that a movie with the word “womb” in it might actually have the balls to push the envelope a bit without being too explicit and thereby avoiding the hardcore pornography label. The production values are leaps and bounds better than similar competing studios, who shall remain nameless. The location sites, costumes, sound, and lighting is admirable. The acting won’t win any awards, but it certainly won’t make you orally expel your lunch, or anything like that. A behind the scenes featurette and trailers are included as extras. As a lover of beautiful women (in fact, I had one just last night, no less) perhaps I can urge director/writer Randolph Scott to produce a bit more daring sequel; Womb Raider: The Natasha Journals. I’m getting jiggily just thinking about it. – Fiona Skarsgard



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