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(Site) Horror. 104 minutes. Not rated, violence, gore. While travelling across Australia , three hikers stop and hike to a huge crater and take in Wolf Creek National Park . After their long arse hike, the three find their car dead in the water and not a sole in sight. Hours later, a jovial fellow happens by and offers to tow the fried car to his home for a little repair job. Trusting him, the three agree. After a night of jolly chat, the hikers wake up the next morning to find themselves separated and bound. From this point on, the hikers fight for their lives against a man with guns and large sharp knives.
Based on true events, Wolf Creek is creepy and reminiscent of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The atmosphere borders between creepy and flat out gross. Viewers will be sickened by the victims’ surroundings as much as what the victims are experiencing. One kill scene is particularly disturbing, but not in a gory way; more in a “what if that happened to me” way. The killer, Mick, is a good one, mate. The story did confuse me as to how much of this movie is true. After all, no bodies where ever found, the killer was never found, and the only person investigated got off due to lack of evidence. If this is so, then how does anyone know what actually happened to those killed? Other than the fact that there was indeed a real life murder (known as the Backpack Killer) and the fact that people were murdered, I don’t think the movie touches all that much reality. On the other hand, who cares? It’s a good movie. A rated R version is also available, but why would anyone watch that when there’s this fine unrated edition? Extras include director’s commentary, deleted scenes, and a making of documentary. So much for Crocodile Dundee and Steve “I’m gonna crouch down with my legs wide open in front of this 20’ croc so he can bite my testicles clean off” Irwin representing Australia. Here’s Mick!- Denis Sheehan



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