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WITCHBABE; Erotic Witch Project 3
Seduction Cinema) DVD. Seduction Cinema. Erotic parody. Total disc time approx 110 minutes. NR, nudity, softcore lesbo sex. Prequel to The Erotic Witch Project 1 and 2. While frolicking in the fabled woods of Bacchusville, NJ, home of the legendary Erotic Witch, two lovebirds come across a decomposed corpse and a diary. Rumored to hold the true story of the Erotic Witch, the manual is brought to researchers to be, ah, researched. While reading the manual, one of the researchers is thrown into the past as the Erotic Witch legend is revealed; The sexually repressed wife of the new mayor of Bacchusville wonders into the woods where she is seduced by the area outcast, a horny lesbo witch like chick. As time passes, the witch like chick seduces more and more women and turns them into sex hungry nymphs. As the over bearing mayor struggles for power, the town’s citizens follow the way of the Erotic Witch, and watch a lesbo sex bash.
Another Seduction Cinema release loaded with softcore lesbian sex scenes strung together by goofy non-sexual moments. Female stars include Laurie Wallace, Darian Caine, Paige Richards (don’t dig her all that much), Debbie Rochon, and of course Misty Mundae. Note to the director; the Misty getting scrub brushed scene could have been longer! And hey, who picked out Debbie Rochon’s panties for the final shot? Not exactly Nana undies, but pretty damn close! The goofy parts in this movie are all dialog courtesy of the Mayor and his cronies. Pierre, a seemingly gay Frenchman, is also fairly humorous, but in a very annoying manner. DVD includes bonus footage, behind the scenes feature (which is actually pretty good-you get some good shots here), and other SC trailers. Another fine softcore girl on girl release via Seduction Cinema. – Denis Sheehan



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