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(Site) Levrock Pictures. 2012. Comedy. 82 minutes.Not Rated. Language. After her day takes a sudden turn for the worse, Angie (Christina Shipp) calls her best friend Tara (Samantha Steinmetz) for a little help. Tara obliges and soon the two wisecracking women find themselves feeling rather board. But ah-ha, Tara has the remedy for this boredom...a remedy in the shape of two little pills. Just after the two girls happily gulp down the pills, Tara’s boyfriend, Brian, arrives wearing his best pair of cranky pants. And as you may imagine, Brian’s crankiness only intensifies once he realizes his day will now be spent babysitting the two goofy chickies. Anyone who has had to handle two high chicks while sober certainly understands Brian’s pain. As the day proceeds, the trio find themselves in a handful of misadventures while knee deep in silly conversations, misunderstandings, and most importantly, the realization of something damn wonderful.
            I’m not going to lie. Before I even started this DVD, I already had a few under my belt which made me feel part of the Tara and Angie silly show. Together, the three of us blurted nonsense, sillies, and picked on Brian (Jared Stern). I became one with Wild Girl Waltz and was careful not to step on the actresses lines. Of course, Mark Lewis’ (writer/director) dialog is far funnier than mine, and I was extra mean to Brian because I fell in love with Samantha Steinmetz and wanted to make her mine. The conversations and words are damn funny and none of it comes across as forced. The flow is natural and spot on in a true life like way. Yes, the topics are all over the roadmap. One quick scene even had me offer a hearty, “owwww!” I’ll tell you, that scene came out of nowhere and after the initial shock, had me laughing. Sorry, no givesies awaysies. Wild Girl Waltz is the second (see the Bay State Blues review on our webbie) Mark Lewis movie I’ve reviewed and this muddah truckah impresses me. Lewis is able grab life and put it on film (or whatever you call digital recording) without it being the least bit boring or douchey, which can be tough due to today’s filmmakers’ reliance on CGI and the typical viewing audience dependence on it. Oh, I almost forgot about the Tara/Angie paddy cakes thing! Steinmetz and Shipp pull of this paddy cakes/ hand jive thing that is simply amazing. I would love to know how long the two rehearsed this scene. Oddly enough, even though the scene is not the least bit sexual, I found it ridiculously hot. Shot in western Massachusetts (Northampton/Greenfield Pioneer Valley area), the production values are great. No muffled audio or poor lighting here. Bravo to the entire cast and crew of Wild Girl Waltz. –Denis Sheehan




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