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(Seduction Cinema) Erotic parody. Total disc time approx 90 minutes. NR, nudity, softcore lesbo sex. Sexy, and smartass, host Remis Phildin asks contestants questions in the hopes of winning one billion dollars, and getting the chance to get naked with show’s other female host, Bambie.
The only redeeming quality of this movie/game show is Julian Wells, who play Remis Phildin. She does a great job with the smartass one liners and comebacks. Sure, she flubs up a line or two, but she would definitely make a good talk show host. Good looking and can wise it up with the best of them. The questioning is amusing as the female contestants get easy-peasy questions, while the male contestants get ones that are nearly impossible to answer. The first male contestants reaction to his tougher than tough question is hilarious. You also get the usual Seduction Cinema softcore girl-on-girl action and nudity. The DVD also includes a behind the scenes feature. Although I did find some of the dialog amusing, and other than Julian Wells, there isn’t really much going on here. – Denis Sheehan



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