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(Shock-o-Rama) Total disc time approx 45 minutes. This DVD EP is made up of three student films, the highlight/main attraction being Misty Mundae’s Voodoun Blues. This approx seven minute short, shot on black and white 16mm, shows a topless woman beating the crap out of her ex-lover (Misty) via a Voodoo Doll. There is no dialog, but a cool sounding bluesy/jazzy soundtrack nicely accompanies the film.

Written and directed by Misty Mundae, I was a bit skeptical of this release due to Misty’s ties with studio and this being her student project. On the other hand, I was impressed with Misty’s directorial debut, 2002’s Lustful Addiction, and after all, she is my sweet sweet Misty and I have faith in all she does. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed. Although the storyline isn’t anything new or fascinating, Misty’s directorial eye concerning camera angles and various shooting techniques is admirable. Everything else about the short is nicely done and it’s evident that Misty has the talent to carry her beyond an acting career, if she so chooses. The DVD also includes two other shorts; Sour Milk has a good/odd scene of some dude punching himself in the face, but the story really didn’t make sense to me. The other short is an ultra short that is too short to comment on, unless you’re the student’s teacher. An interview with Misty is also included, as are some trailers for other Misty movies. This DVD is limited to 5000 copies and is available only through and Another fine entry for Misty’s resume. – Denis Sheehan



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