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(Blue Underground) 1982. Horror/drama. 92 minutes. Rated R, violence. In London, the hot maid (Susan George) and chauffer (Oliver Reed) of a rich, high profile couple, team up with an international terrorist (Klaus Kinski) to kidnap the couple’s son for ransom. However, their plans are quickly turned upside down after a cop is killed and a deadly Black Mamba snake is released in the house, in which they are surrounded.
Hey, not a bad thriller over here. Not only does the viewer have to be concerned over the bad guys, but the snake is just as much a villain! The tension runs throughout the entire movie, but what else do you expect when you have the world’s meanest snake trying to crawl up your butt and kill you with its deadly bite? Yes, I liked this movie on its own merit, but helping to make it better is one of my favorites, Susan George (Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, Straw Dogs). Don’t know what it is, but there’s something about that woman. You’ll also love Oliver Reed’s doltness and paranoia. On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed with Klaus Kinski’s lack of his usual intensity. DVD extras include; commentary by director Piers Haggard (this guy is one hell of a chatterbox), trailers, stills, etc. I likie. – Denis Sheehan



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