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(Blue Underground) 1997.  Horror. 90 minutes. Rated R.   After missing for three years, the corpse of Sgt. Sam Harper is discovered in Kuwait and shipped back to the States.  Itís not long before Sam Harper rises from the dead and wreaks havoc on the unpatriotic, cheating citizens of Twin Lakes .  The only two people that stand in Samís way are an old Vietnam Vet, (Soul icon and South Park ís Isaac Hayes) and Samís nephew, Jody.
The only complaint I have about this movie is the first half-hour; the movie is very slow to start, and nothing of importance happens.  However, after the first 30 minutes has passed, interesting things start to happen.  The one thing that gets me going is creative kills, and let me write, this movie has a few good ones.  I found myself rooting for Sam Harper to kill those flag-burning, ungrateful bastards.  Isaac Hayesí character is also fun to watch, as he provides some hysterical exchanges with fellow cast members.  The end of the movie is by far one of the more humorous moments I have ever seen in a horror film (When you see it, youíll know what Iím writing about). The effects are decent and not over the top.  Extras include: commentary by Director William Lustig, writer Larry Cohen, star Isaac Hayes, etc, trailer, poster/still gallery. Timothy Bottoms, William Smith, PJ Soles, and Robert Forster also star. Iíd recommend Uncle Sam if you have some time to kill, but do yourself a favor and fast forward to the second half.- C Clark



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