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TSOL; Live from O.C.
(Music Video Distro) DVD. Live concert. Approx 50 minutes. NR. Taped on March 23, 1991 at the UCI campus in Orange County, CA by a lone cameraman. The result is a great sounding, but no so hot looking, live TSOL (Jack Grisham, Ron Emory, Mike Roche, Todd Barnes) punk show. Although the picture isnít DVD quality, it is 8000 times better than most TSOL bootlegs out there. Itís a DVD that looks like a video. The play list consists of the 80ís TSOL stuff; Superficial Love, The Triangle, Code Blue, Funeral March, and my all time favorite TSOL song Abolish Government. There are a total of nineteen songs played.
Although Iím not much of a fan of the new TSOL stuff,  I absolutely love the old stuff. Therefore, I really dug this DVD. The DVD extras include; directorís commentary, eight minutes of new TSOL live footage recorded in 2000, a stupid five minute skateboarding thing, a quick interview with the now deceased Todd Barns (best punk rock drummer in my mind), and a photo montage of some old punk rock fliers-which eventually turns into a commercial for various companies. Be sure to check out the dude on the side of the stage wearing a neck brace. Kind of funny to me for some reason. Simply enough, if you like old TSOL stuff, youíll like this DVD. Ė Denis Sheehan



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