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Thriller. 106 minutes. Rated R, violence. Karen (Charlize Theron) and William Jennings are a happily married couple with a young daughter and loads of money. For the past few years, Joe (Kevin Bacon), Marvin, and Cheryl (Courtney Love) have been living off of ransom money they’ve collected from rich parents after kidnapping their child. After devising the seemingly perfect plan, the trio kidnaps the Jennings’ child and the wheels are in motion for yet another payday. However, the wheels soon come to a screeching halt when an overlooked fact motivates Karen and William to fight for their daughter’s safety and not play Joe’s game.
You may be asking yourself why such a Hollywood film has found its way in Askew Reviews. Well, there are a number of reasons; this movie didn’t do to well at the box office and kind of flew below the public’s radar, I like Kevin Bacon (in an acting way, not a “come give me a back rub Mr. Hotty Pants” way), I really like Charlize Theron (in an acting way and most definitely in a “come give me a back rub Ms. Hotty Pants” way), although ug-go-lee, Courtney Love use to be punk and is an alright actress, Trapped is a purdy good movie, and last but not least, this is my zine and I'll cover whatever the hell I want. Every single one of my English teachers would kill me for that previous sentence. Although the last 20 minutes of the movie is melodramatic and a bit drawn out, the meat of Trapped is tense with a few heart wrenching scenes. Now that I think about it, I really don’t know why this movie's title is  “Trapped.” The DVD is loaded with extras; director/writer commentary, deleted scenes, alternate ending (which I think should have been used in the actual movie), a making of featurette, etc. In an odd way, Trapped will forever be burned into my memory not because of hottie Theron, but because my viewing was interrupted by my seven year old God Daughter puking her poor little guts up halfway way through the movie (fear not, she was not watching the movie..after all, it is rated R). I enjoyed Trapped, puke and all. – Denis Sheehan



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