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OF TERROR ( Summit Entertainment) 96 minutes. Horror. Unrated, violence, some gore. My Name is Earl, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Return of the Living Dead had a threesome in a single wide trailer and this is the result. If you need more of a synopsis, then yer too intelligent and uptight to thoroughly enjoy this entertaining flic.
   The star, Nichole Hiltz, comes from where? Where? The same small town this very zine originates. Nichole was also in The Trailer Park Boys…must be something about trailer parks, eh? Ah, she’s been in a ton of stuff. The soundtrack is simply amazing and should be listed as one of the stars; great hillbilly/rockabilly/trailerbilly. Priscilla Barnes (Three’s Company, three boobed lady in Mallrats, The Devils Rejects) has a small, but admirable role. Aside from Norma (Ms. Hiltz), you will not find much character development, but is it really necessary to get to know zombies and un-un-dead people? TPoT is based a comic book and certainly can not be considered serious horror, but it is a fun 96 minute ride and that’s all that matters. Gosh, I crave mac & cheese infused with cut up weenies. – Denis Sheehan


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