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TOXIC NARCOTIC: LIVE IN BOSTON (Rodent Popsicle) Live show. Not rated. Approx 50 minutes. To celebrate their 15th anniversary as Boston’s legendary DIY hardcore punk band, Toxic Narcotic played a show at Axis on Dec 18, 2004 and recorded it for all to enjoy. Screaming with fist pumping hardcore punk, Live in Boston captures what Toxic Narcotic is all about and why they’ve survived for so long. Twenty-two furious songs fill the all too quick 50 minutes. 
  Produced DIY style, this DVD is far cry from what DIY punk fans are use to; grainy video, crappy sound, one camera angle, etc. A lot of money, time, and hard work went into this DVD’s entire production and the results scream with cheers of overachieving success. The multi camera angles captures every ounce of atmosphere felt in Axis that night and the sights and sounds are crystal spot on with the clarity of a cool Canadian lake during springtime. Extras include a still gallery, two videos, and some fan footage shot outside of Axis (behind Fenway Park) before the show. Be warned, play this DVD and a slam pit just might open in front of your tv. Great stuff, here. – Denis Sheehan



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