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TOMCATS- Comedy. 95 minutes. Rated R, language. Hoping for a little incentive to remain single, a bunch of buddies contribute $1,000 to a mutual fund with the agreement that the last single man standing wins the money. Seven years later, the pot is worth close to $500,000 and only two single men remain, Michael (Jerry O’Connell) and Kyle (Jake Busey). After Michael gets himself into a world of poo-poo gambling, he decides to find the swinging Kyle’s one love and reunite them, hoping that they will marry. As you might imagine, Michael finds Natalie (Shannon Elizabeth) and she only agrees to “toy” with Kyle because she is still pissed that he dogged her many years ago. As Michael and Natalie begin their devious plot, yep, Michael starts to fall for her.
           Ok, ok, I know this is a major studio release, but it’s my zine so eat me. Besides, I need/want to cover something else other than porn and horror movies! This flic had major potential, but failed to deliver. First, with so much women bashing going on, you’d think there would be some nudity..nope. Secondly, Bill Maher as a killer casino owner..not. There is no bigger nerd turd in this world than Bill Maher. Back to the nakkidness; hmm..Shannon Elisabeth and Jamie Pressly and no nudity? That makes no sense. I like Jake Busey and found his character funny. Jerry O’Connell annoys me and the two above mentioned woman are worthy of finger loss. Tomcats did have it’s moments comedy wise, but all in all, this is more of a love story. There's really no need to watch this on DVD, video will do fine.The more booze you drink before or while watching this, the better. – Denis Sheehan


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