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TITUS: Season 1 and 2
(Anchor Bay) Six DVDs. Airing 2000-2002, Titus is a comedy that deals with situations that are anything but funny, bit does so in a hilarious way. Starring Comedian Christopher Titus, the show immensely borrows material from Titus’ popular one man show, “Norman Rockwell is Bleeding.”  The show focuses on Titus as a grown man and how he handles his dysfunctional life, behaviour, and family. Loaded with flashbacks, the viewer is made privy to Titus’ nutty childhood and upbringing; being raised by a hard drinking, tuff love father (brilliantly portrayed  by Stacy Keech) who was married six times and his unstable mother who was in and out of mental hospitals. In the present day, Titus’s main support is his girlfriend Erin, who comes from one wacky family, herself. Also along for the ride are Titus’ half brother Dave, who is as dopey as he is funny, and his effeminate friend, Tommy. Of course, Dad is still a mainstay and Mom even peeks her head back into Titus’ life from time to time. Black and white “in the head of Titus” monologues help support and explain the meat of what’s going on at the moment.
Covering seasons one and two, this six DVD set includes 33 episodes. If you had a nice, picture perfect upbringing, you may find Titus tragic, disgusting, or possibly even trashy. On the other hand, if you endured the least bit of craziness growing up, you will certainly laugh out load while possibly learning how to better deal with whatever demons remain from your childhood. Hell, I’ll even admit that “The Break-Up” hit me like a tidal wave and made me realize something about myself that never occurred to me, but has plagued me for a long arse time. While I am not one to believe in all that self help, psychiatrist bo’shyte, I do believe that Titus could be a great source of therapy for crybaby adults dealing with rough childhoods (I am not talking about hardcore stuff. Just stuff like divorced parents, drunk parents, etc.). The topics are serious, but the show is damn funny. Titus and Keech will get you going, but Zach Ward as Dave will throw you over the edge. I swear, every time this guy is on screen, sometimes even off screen, something hilarious happens. In “Tommy’s Girlfriend,” Cynthia Watros ( Erin ) had me laughing the hardest I have ever laughed at something on tv. Extras include an interview with Christopher Titus, commentaries, outtakes, and a little booklet. Titus is one of the finest 2005 releases. Season three can not arrive soon enough (early 2006). - Denis Sheehan



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