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Note; these three DVDs are available separately or as a DVD box set.

(Cult Epics) 1992. Italian erotica. 88 minutes. NR, nudity, sexual situations. Directed by Tinto Brass. Diana (Claudia Koll) and Paolo are a happily married couple. To turn her husband on, Diana tells Paolo about her sexual fantasies just before and during sex. Not only does this turn Diana on, paolo loves to hear these fantasies as well. One slight problem, her fantasies aren’t fantasies at all. They’re reality, only Paolo doesn’t know it. Things are going seemingly ok, until Diana gets sloppy and her secrets are revealed.
Just like the other two Tinto Brass DVDs (The Key and Miranda) reviewed here, this movie is loaded with nudity and softcore sexual situations. There is really nothing to make mention of here, other than realizing after the opening scene where I may have lost my car keys. Sad to write, but Diana is simply a slut. Man, she goes at it with just about everybody alive. No extras on this DVD. – Denis Sheehan

THE KEY (Cult Epics) 1983. Italian erotica. 95 minutes. NR, nudity, sexual situations. Directed by Tinto Brass. After twenty years of marriage, Nino is pleased to discover that jealousy and thoughts of his wife, who is much younger than he, with another man turn him on to no end. Another source of pleasure for Nino is to take naked pictures of his wife, Teresa (Stefania Sandrelli), while she is out cold and giving the photos away for other men to inspect. Wanting more excitement, Nino encourages Teresa to carry on an affair with their future son-in-law after noticing the mutual attraction between the two. Ah yes, Nino’s sex life is finally where he has always wanted it, but is that a good thing for the old fart?
As usual with Tinto Brass flics, this movie is loaded with nudity and suggestive sex. Although these types of movies annoy me, The Key was actually not bad. The story was good enough as I found myself highly annoyed with Nino’s self abusive pleasures. Poor bastard. One thing I found odd was how Nino and Teresa completely ignored their daughter’s feelings. Neither one of them cared about using her husband to be as a toy. Then again, if they didn’t ignore their daughter’s feelings, there wouldn’t have been a movie. DVD includes a ten minute interview with writer/director Tinto Brass (Caligula), a photo gallery, trailers, etc. Of the few Brass movies I’ve seen, The Key is definitely the most coherent.- Denis Sheehan

MIRANDA (Cult Epics) 1985. Italian erotica. 95 minutes. NR, nudity, sexual situations. Directed by Tinto Brass. Since her husband is missing and presumed a casualty of World War II, Miranda (Serena Grandi) decides to move on and test drive a few men and find a suitable husband. Taking on one man per season, Miranda frolics with men of different age and background while employing her every sexual desire. Who will be the winner of the Miranda sweepstakes?
Although Miranda is loaded with teasingly like shots, I found this movie to be more amusing than erotic. Yes, there’s plenty of nudity and sexual situations, but you have the love the Italian goofiness displayed. First off, what’s the deal with all the hair? What do Italian mothers feed their kids, hair hormones? God, nothing turns my stomach more than the site of a man’s hairy ass. One scene shows Miranda seducing (by hanging her large ass over the tub and peeing) an American man and asking him to kiss her “there,” after spreading her legs. The man’s eyes widen and the director gives us a close up shot of Miranda’s “area.” Now, this is meant to be turn on, but all I could think of was how all that hair would certainly tickle my nose and make me sneeze if I went there. I also found the two women slurping on Popsicles while undressing men with their eyes at the beach most hilarious. Of course, all the guys are loving the slurping chickies, but little do they know just how demeaning the women are being to them. Yes, plenty of hairy man ass shown here. Ug, men are ugly beasts. I feel sorry for all you ladies out there. The movie did move rather slowly, but it did have an ok story and was tastefully made. DVD includes a ten minute interview with writer/director Tinto Brass (Caligula), a photo gallery, trailers, etc. Oh ya, I just remembered that I have to change the string stuff in my weed whacker.- Denis Sheehan





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