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(Sub Rosa Extreme) Horror. 79 minutes. Not Rated. Gore, violence. A group of six friends embark on a float trip in Old Mines, a hick town in the middle of nowhere. Of course, the townsfolk don’t take kindly to these city slickers and unleash the town “exterminator,” a disfigured hulk of a man/boy who likes to squash people’s heads and rip out their innards. Running for their lives, the city slickers make every wrong move in the horror movie book.
Not a bad hillbilly flic over here. Lots of running around, killing, hate filled fun happening…and the gore will keep you blood bucketheads thrilled. But hey, how about putting some bugs and junk on the dead bodies in the woods? Come on, let’s be realistic here! Best part of the movie is when the hick cop pulls the city slicks over and empties their beer on the road. It is truly hilarious (although, I didn’t find it hilarious when a cop did this to me when I was 21). Even funnier is the hick cop’s description of one city slick chick’s behavior towards him as “..she was gitten all up in my face..” Now that doesn’t sound like a hick talk, more like hip-hop talk if you ask me, Pah. Damn cop must be into Snoop Dog. I roared with laughter after hearing that, I swear. The production work and direction (Jeremy Wallace-Christmas Season Massacre) is well done, but I could have done without the prolonged look at a dismembered-bugless-body and numerous close up shots of the campfire. The acting is good, with b-movie regulars Emily Haack and Jason Christ leading the way. Extras include; behind the scenes featurette, bloopers, deleted scenes, etc. There are a few hidden things for you to hunt for, so do your best Kolchak. – Denis Sheehan 



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