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(Anchor Bay) Horror. 88 minutes. Not rated, gore. Two buddies decide to flee the big city for a weekend of surfing along the New Zealand coast. Along the way, the men run into two chicks who invite them to a party and they are soon racing behind the led footed beaver. Of course, the meatheads crash their car and lose the chicks. While walking around looking for help, the meatheads stumble upon a murder and are chased by a gang of unsavory tastes. As the men run for their lives, they discover something damn odd about the town’s locals and further prove the notion that chicks are nothing but trouble.
Hey, not a bad indi flick out of New Zealand over here. The movie has a few twists to keep you guessing, and even some slight humor that’ll get a chuckle or two. The acting is good and the production values are better than a lot of indi fare. However, the one production aspect that annoyed the doody out of me is the lighting. Although the movie takes place at night, the characters are way too lit up and cast way too many shadows. Once you get past this, all is fine. I also dug the New Zealand landscape. The more I see of this place the more I want to visit. If rated, I’d bet that The Locals would fall under the PG-13 heading. Extras include a decent behind the scenes doc and commentary by writer/director Greg Page. In this day and age of remakes, sequels, and prequels, The Locals is a breath of fresh air. – Denis Sheehan



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