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(movie site) DVD. Action. 94 minutes. Rated R, violence. Haunted by visions of past experiences while fighting in Kosovo, former Special-Forces assassin Adam Hallam (Benicio Del Toro) snaps and goes on a killing spree. Knowing they are up against more than just a run-of-the-mill serial killer, the authorities bring in the only man they know who can track Adam down; L.T. Bonham (Tommy Lee Jones). The man who taught Adam everything he knows. 
                I cannot remember the last time I saw such violence in a mainstream movie like this. Hip-Hip Hurray! True, the plot will not give you a brain cramp with tricky twists or hidden agendas, but be prepared to wince a few times at the bloody violence. The climatic fight between Jones and Del Toro rates up there with a few of my all time favorite movie fights (the John Wayne/Victor McLaglen brawl in The Quiet Man and the never ending fisticuffs battle in They Live, courtesy Roddy Piper and Keith David). The fight doesn’t earn its merit due to longevity, but for how Director William Friedkin shot the scene-barely no soundtrack, just the grunts and groans of two men brutally trying to kill each other backed with the lovely sounds and sights of rushing water flowing down a waterfall. The violence does keep the movie running at a nice tempo, but the shots of Tommy Lee Jones constantly and quickly turning his head (as if he suddenly heard something) while tracking Del Toro did get boring, albeit amusing, after the first three hundred times. Jones does a nice job of portraying Bonham as a social misfit when around people, while remaining “mean” and intense when hunting and fighting Del Toro’s character. Benicio Del Toro is Benicio Del Toro, you can take him or leave as far as I’m concerned. DVD extras include director’s commentary, four documentaries on the making of The Hunted, deleted scenes (which deserved to be deleted), and trailers. Men, this isn’t a date movie...unless you’re dating another man, I suppose…or dating a female who likes manly fighting. Refreshing, in a violent hand to hand combat sort of way. – Denis Sheehan



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