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THE CONFESSION : Film School In A Box (Site) Running Time: Well that kind of depends (more on that later). No sex, no blood, no gore. (What The Hell!?!) Unrated. Okay, The Confession is the poignant tale of five people who kinda know one another who are invited to a little party. A sixth person arrives and informs them that one of them is a killer; the insanity ensues.
  No, itís not the latest Agatha Christie thriller. Instead, someone got the bright idea of shooting the entire film on eleven surveillance cameras. Then they got the bright idea of letting the viewer switch between cameras to create their own viewing experience. This sounds like the coolest idea ever. Just not for this flick. 99% of this flick is talky followed by people yelling at one another and playing tough guy with sticking a gun in peopleís faces. This can get dull pretty quick; especially since youíre watching it all through surveillance cameras that arenít known for their film making capabilities.  To make it worse, it seems that this is the rough cut and soon there will be a version that has over ten hours of footage. Who in the Hell is going to watch this apart from film students with too much time on their hands and the people who made the flick in the first place? I played with the changing thing for about a minute and tired of it quickly. If something better acted and more compelling was in front of me it would have been cool, but as it stands now itís just a monumental waste of time. -Douglas A. Waltz



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