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SWEATIN’ TO THE OLDIES- The Vandals Live (Kung Fu) Concert/documentary. Two DVDs, total time approx 2.5 hours. NR. In case you are unaware, The Vandals have been around forever and have a pretty good following of their funny/oddball brand of punk rock. Disc one is a combination band member bio and live concert footage. Live footage is surrounded with pieces detailing each band member’s past, how they found themselves in The Vandals, and even some personal information. The longest and most in-depth bio is on guitarist Warren, who is obviously the show off of the band, and the one in most need of attention. If you’re into The Vandals, then you’ll most likely be interested by these short history lessons. The live footage, recorded some years ago, is pretty damn good on all fronts. The sound and picture is excellent, and the boys put on a good show for the cameras..and the audience. As stated in its title, this DVD contains sixteen older Vandals songs; Pat Brown, Urban Struggle, Lady Killer, Summer Lovin’, Wannabe Mannor, etc. There is band commentary for disc one, but I didn’t listen to it, even though I like The Vandals, because I really don’t care what these guys have to say about anything.  If you’re into The Vandals, this live stuff will knock your socks off. Disc two is a bunch of stuff only Vandals’ fans can appreciate; commercials featuring Vandals’ songs, outtakes, an interview with The Sugarcubes conducted by Joe Escalante, rough video of Vandals singer Dave singing for Pennywise, etc.
Simply put, fans of The Vandals will love this DVD set. Great job to Kung Fu Records for compiling this DVD set. - Denis Sheehan



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