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(Seduction Cinema) Erotic spoof. Approx 60 minutes. Not rated, nudity, lesbian action. Low on cash, two repressed sisters, Ashleigh and Jennifer, (Julian Wells, Kelli Summers) search for a hopeful roommate to help lower expenses. After many disappointing applicants, the two women half-heartedly choose Petal (Misty Mundae), a weed smoking, peace loving hippie, to be their roommate. Sure enough, the sisters soon follow Petal’s lead and jump feet first into the free-hippie love sex, pot, hairy lifestyle.
First thing first; in this movie, my sweet sweet Misty Mundae has hairy armpits. Yes, I am so shallow that hairy armpits on even the hottest of babes makes me most upset. I am devastated. Absolutely devastated. However, she’s still my sweet and I dig her. Helping me overlook the pit situation is my other sweet sweet, Julian Wells. She doesn’t sport the stinky pit look, but by movie’s end, she is sporting one hell of a winter bush (obviously fake), which I can handle. As with all Seduction Cinema fare, this movie is loaded with nudity and softcore lesbian sex. Although I love their movies, I think it’s time for Seduction Cinema to shake things up a bit as all their releases depict the same girls doing the same things to each other centered around different spoofed storylines. I have an idea, they should stick me in one of their movies and have those girls do things to me. That would certainly shake things up. I am a genius. Whom am I kidding, with or without me, I’ll watch every damn movie SC releases and I’ll be watching them with a big ol’ smile plastered across my sorry arse face. Extras include Nick Philips’ 1970 Swedish grindhouse release Dr. Christina of Sweden (approx 60 minutes, lots of nudity and sexual situations), a 15 minute behind the scenes featurette, a 15 minute “thing” of various Misty Mundae shoots, and a Misty trailer vault. Why Misty, why? – Denis Sheehan



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