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. DVD. 1968. 89 minutes. Rated R, violence. Contemplating retirement, aging horror film star Byron Orlock (Boris Karloff) spends his day hanging out with friends and drinking. Going insane, Bobby decides to become a sniper, using his arsenal of guns to pick off innocent people one by one. As fate would have it, both Orlock and Bobby end up at a drive-in loaded with people. 
OK, the entire Orlock story line bored the snot out of me. However, I will say that I was eerily drawn to Karloff (Frankenstein’s Monster) because it felt weird to see him out of makeup, and old. In fact, ol’ Boris died not too long after filming this movie.  The sniper storyline, now that’s an entirely different thing. The acts of violence in Targets are truly unsettling and scary. DVD extras include an introduction by director Peter Bogdanovich (The Last Picture Show), commentary by the director, etc.  Randy Quaid (love him as Cousin Eddy in the Vacation movies) has an uncredited role in Targets, but I couldn’t spot him. Hey, I just thought of something. It was never explained why Bobby decided to go nutty and shoot everyone. Odd. Pretty cool thriller, you just have to wait a while. – Denis Sheehan



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