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STILL WE RIDE (Microcosm Publishing) 2008.  In Tandem Productions.  Social Documentary.  37 Minutes.  Not Rated. Contains some language.  Imagine riding your bicycle with 20 or 30 other riders and all of a sudden, your face is on the pavement, you’re wrists are tied together and your bike is being taken away from you.  Sounds like terrorizing situation you might expect from a gang of thugs.  In Still We Ride, the thugs are actually New York City ’s police force as they try and “crackdown” on the monthly assembly of cyclists that ride the streets of the Big Apple in what is called Critical Mass.  This doc gives you a glimpse of the ongoing struggle that ensues for the freedom of riding and freedom against censorship.
Still We Ride is an in your face documentary that lays everything out for you in a neat little package.  However, that can either be a savior for its good intentions or be seen as liberal propaganda.  I do think the directors, Andrew Lynn, Elizabeth Press and Christopher Ryan, lay forth enough evidence to prove that the city of New York , using police enforcement, abuses the power of the law in order to control what they believe is a mass protest - perhaps also stopping in its footsteps a borderline riot from starting.  There are points in the doc that seem to be very reasonable.  For example, a man that was not a part of the Critical Mass ride had evidence against him that was in the possession of the police, however; that evidence was edited and another copy of the same video, in the possession of a reporter, was not edited.  Why would evidence be edited?  Still We Ride is powerful and certifiable enough to prove its point.  The DVD itself is in pan & scan full screen - 1:33.1 ratio with mono, single channel sound.  The extras make up for the lack of image and audio quality.  The extras include 6 shorts - that promote cycling safety and liberal backing - as well as an interview with the co-creator of Critical Mass, Chris Carlsson. – Steven Lewis



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