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STARSKY & HUTCH: Complete First Season
.  Five DVD set containing 23 episodes and extras. David Starsky (Paul Michael Glaser) and Ken Hutchinson (David Soul) are two streetwise undercover detectives whoíll stop at nothing to put the bad guy behind bars. Using Starskyís red Gran Torino (which plays a huge role with the packaging) as their main transportation, Starsky and Hutch put their lives on the line for law and order. Whether itís bouncing their bodies of a wall or rolling around on the ground to avoid bullets, this duo gets the job done. 
Originally airing in 1975/76, this buddy cop series was an instant smash with tv viewers. Loaded with car chases, gun battles, and offbeat humor, Starsky and Hutch is non-stop entertainment. True, the stories are loaded with holes and continuity is nonexistent, but that only adds to the fun. Watch for the disappearing and reappearing red flashing bubble light on the Gran Torino. See how many times bullet holes in doors seem to go away, then come back. Hey, what happened to Huggy Bearís bar halfway through the season? For a masterpiece example of ďcamel toe,Ē keep your finger on the pause button at the 17:21 mark of episode four, Texas Longhorn. Along with keeping an eye out for animal toes, watch for guest stars John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, the tall guy from James Bond who played Jaws, Pinky Tuscadero, a very young Kristy McNichol, and a bevy of other very familiar faces. You know, something just came to mind. Iíve sat through 23 episodes of Starsky and Hutch and I have no idea where they are located! Funny thing I did notice: no matter where Starsky and Hutch are going while in the Gran Torino, itís always in the exact opposite direction of where they must go after receiving a call. Screeching wheels, u-turn heaven! The extras include interviews with the creators and stars of the series, a featurette poking fun at continuity flaws (much like what I wrote of), a closer look at the Gran Torino, and a reel publicizing the Starsky and Hutch movie. I canít wait for season two. Ok, Iíll admit. As a fine young lad, I wanted to be Starsky. Then I wanted to be Fred Lynn from the Boston Red Sox. Now, I just want to be in bed because itís late and Iím tired. Great DVD set. - Denis Sheehan



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