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: The Passion of The Jew. DVD. Animated comedy. Approx 64 minutes, including the two bonus episodes.  In The Passion of The Jew, Kyle, after seeing The Passion of The Christ, is horrified to learn that Cartmen may have been correct in his views of Jewish people. Cartmen, feeling like is proven correct, incites a mass of people to carry out the message of the movie. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny track down Mel Gibson to demand their money back. In the two bonus episodes, Christian Rock Hard depicts Carmen’s successful journey into Christian rock music and Red Hot Catholic Love pokes at the Catholic Church sex scandal, while Cartmen does a neat trick.
I love South Park and I find it amusing as hell. So of course, I loved this DVD. My one and only beef is that the “real” naughty words are bleeped. Why? It’s a damn DVD for home viewing. Heckers, if you watch South Park late at night, you can sometimes catch the uncensored version on tv. No need to censor the word f*ck! Funniest thing about Passion are the hilarious faces Mel Gibson makes while chasing Stan and Kenny. What we have here is an enjoyable DVD that will certainly irk some religious folk, or simply make 64 minutes of your life enjoyable. – Denis Sheehan



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