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: SIXTH SEASON. Three DVD set. 2002. 374 minutes. Not rated. The gang from South Park are back for another year of joy, while trying to find a new pal to replace the freshly dead Kenny. Butters (a nickname I’ve given to my infant nephew which isn’t going over well with my sister in-law, but damn they look alike) and Tweak leap into major roles, while Stan meets his future self and Cartman goes on the Maury Povitch Show. Also, Bebe grows boobs and witnesses firsthand what they do to males. Yes, this is the year Lemmiwinks the gerbil makes his debut.
Season six is made up of 17 shows and includes mini-commentaries by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. These mini commentaries run about 3-5 minutes each and are informative and funny. In a way, I wish they were longer because they are entertaining, but then again maybe the ol’ “short but sweet” cliché rules the day. South Park fans will of course dig this set, while those who’ve never seen this delightful show should start with season one and work it. I love this show. – Denis Sheehan



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