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(Music Video Distro) Documentary. 90 minutes. This black and white documentary is a collection of live performances and interviews with Hi-Fives, Some Velvet Sidewalk, The Peeches, Sleater-Kinney, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Tullycraft, Unwound, Further, Henry's Dress, and The Make Up. In the interviews, each band discusses their thoughts on the indi music scene, why they play music, and why they prefer to stay away from the major labels. 
Iíll tackle the bandsí performances first. I love live music and I really liked a majority of the live sets here. Of the bands, I absolutely loved The Peechees set. I also really got into Sleater-Kinney. The rest of the sets were ok, with a few being fast forward material. Hey, itís just a taste issue over here. The music falls within the punk/rock/emo genres, for the most part. Now for the interviews. To me, the people interviewed here come across as whiney complainers who obviously do not play music for the fun of it. Nag, bitch, whaa are what you hear coming from these people. I know a few people in bands and they sure as shyt donít complain like these people. All of the interviewees make it seem like playing their music is a hardship that makes life miserable. If itís so bad, then why play? As you can see, the interviews really got on my nerves. Up next, the production. The DIY production took almost four years to complete this doc, and I think the crew did a damn fine job. The sound is great, the camera work is great, and the lighting, especially during the live sets, is awesome.  The DVD also includes a video montage and a radio interview with director Justin Mitchell. Ė Denis Sheehan




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