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(Shock-O-Rama Cinema) 1989. Horror. 85 minutes. Not Rated.  To get away from his roommate and hoping to score with his girl, Alex rents an apartment in the city.  After meeting a few of his neighbors, Alex decides to join one of them for dinner.  At the dinner, Alex is served a slime like substance, Himalayan pudding to be exact, and not soon after becomes ill.  Upon waking up the next morning, Alex becomes a murderous slime zombie of sorts, killing anyone in his path.
Slime City can be broken up into 2 parts; the first 70 minutes and the remaining 15 minutes.  Although a bit slow, the first 70 minutes is decent. At times you may be tempted to hit fast forward or find yourself glancing at the counter on the dvd player. Those who stick around for the ending will be handsomely rewarded.  The major shortfalls of Slime City are a weak dialogue and weak kills.  For the most part, the actors are emotionless when delivering their lines, which is usually annoying, except for a few hilarious scenes.  The kills are downright weak, which was a real downer for me, save the final 15 minutes.  The ending however, made up for all the shortfalls and then some. Had the rest of the movie been as creative and entertaining as the ending, this would be an all-time favorite of mine.  From witty dialogue to great gore, the ending is a must see.  Slime City stars Robert Sabin, and Mary Huner, among others. DVD extras include commentary by director Greg Lamberson and star Robert Sabin, movie trailers, a Making of Slime mini-documentary, and a bonus feature film by Greg Lamberson.  I really enjoyed the bonus film, Naked Fear.  The addition of Naked Fear makes this DVD a must have for me, as well as for you.   – C Clark  



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