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(Shock-O-Rama) 76 minutes. Rated R, violence, nudity, sexual stuff. Centuries ago, three persecuted witch sisters cast a spell of vengeance to help enable their descendents seek revenge when/if they are wronged. In the present day, Margaret (Debbie Rochon), a descendent of the witches, is having issues with her cheating husband, Howard. Fearing Margaret is going to divorce him, Howard is easily convinced by his lover, Sadie (Julian Wells), to have his wife murdered to inherit her fortunes. However, Howard is unaware of the spell that protects Margaret and how much of a witch Sadie truly is. 
Rookie writer/director Justin Wingenfeld does a good job weaving a creepy tale of deceit, greed, and revenge, but excels at releasing plot twists as the movie progresses. The cast perform well with Debbie Rochon, of course, and Julian Wells brightly shining in difficult, contrasting roles. I’ve seen a lot of Julian Wells’ work and believe this is her best acting job to date, and this has nothing to do with how much I love this woman or how much I want Julian to…come to me. As with all low budget projects, I heard this one clocked in under $15,000, there are some cheesy special effects, but one can not argue with Rochon’s and Wells’ bug scenes. Major cheers for solidifying the white trashiness of the killers by having them serve up mac and cheese mixed with cut up hot dogs for dinner; brilliant! Erin Brown, as Misty Mundae, has a quick, yet snappy, appearance. Julian Wells gets naked, a lot, and she’s sexy as ever. Fans of Spiderbabe will recognize Wingenfeld as the magnificent school bully/douchbag who harassed Patricia Porker. Extras include cast/crew interviews and trailers. I look forward to Mr. Wingenfeld’s next project, and my marriage to Mzzzzzzzz. Wells. – Denis Sheehan



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