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’S MARCH (First Run Features) 1986. Documentary. 155 minutes. Not rated. After being dumped by his girlfriend, filmmaker Ross McElwee documents his encounters with women as he travels the original route of General Sherman’s Civil War March across the South.
     Two frustrated screams sum up this movie; 1) who the fuck cares? And 2) even though it took me twenty-four sittings, why couldn’t I walk away from this documentary till it ended? This documentary is slow and basically spotlights the babblings of McElwee and his female subjects. Although I am sure Ross is a nice guy, he isn’t the most exciting person in the world and appears to drain every ounce of life out of a room the second he enters it. Also, the females interviewed by McElwee seem to be on the wrong side of the fruitcake fence. However, even with all this negativity, for some unexplainable reason I wasn’t able to simply just walk away from this movie. Yes, it did take many sittings for me to finish the DVD, but I always found myself pulled back into watching it. That being written, I will never recommend this documentary to anyone. On the other hand, if you do decide to watch it, you may be sucked in, as well. – Denis Sheehan



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