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THE SEXY SIXTH SENSE (Seduction Cinema) Naked chicks. Approx. total running time 2 hours. NR. Boobies. Four words; “I see dead strippers!”
Those four words sum up the movie. A dorky guy has the awesome ability to see dead strippers, and they strip and play with each other. All topless action here, nothing hard. DVD extras include; interviews with the actresses/strippers, behind the scenes, and trailers. – Denis Sheehan


INN OF 1,000 SINS (Seduction Cinema) DVD. Seduction Cinema. 1975. aka Ein Echter Hausfrauenfreud (West Germany). Softcore foreign grindhouse. Nudity, sexual situations. Albert works for a luxury hotel. What’s his job? He must satisfy the sexy women who stay there so they come back for more.
     Inn is your typical mid-70’s softcore grindhouse fare. Lots of nudity, softcore sex, some light humor, and hair. If you’re a fan of that stuff, have at it. I simply do not get it. However, the real reason to buy this DVD is for the featurette THE VIBRATING MAID (2001/22 minutes). While visiting her Father’s estate, a hot college girl (Misty Mundae) catches the maid pleasuring herself, and decides to join the fun. This extra makes purchasing the DVD worth it based solely on the fact that it stars my sweet Misty Mundae. Misty gets naked and plays with the maid and a vibrator. Nothing hardcore though.  – Denis Sheehan


I LIKE THE GIRLS WHO DO (Seduction Cinema) DVD. Seduction Cinema. 1973. aka Liebesjagd durch 7 Betten (West Germany). Softcore foreign grindhouse. Nudity, sexual situations. Johnny has been left a large load of money from his Uncle, but in order to receive the dough, he must bed seven women in seven days. These hand picked women were also slammed by Johnny’s Uncle, before he died of course. As Johnny tears through his adventure, he runs into a wall and it’s not as easy as it seems.
                Much like Inn of 1000 Sins (reviewed above-derrrrrrrr), this is your typical early 70s softcore grindhouse flic. Although, the women in this movie are better looking than most in similar genre films. Gotta love that blonde. Once again, the featurette is the reason to buy this DVD. PEEPING IN A GIRL’S DORMITORY (2001/20 minutes) stars, once again, Misty Mundae. In this one, Misty and her friend frolic in the basement of a temporary dorm. Misty rules. – Denis Sheehan


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