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(Blue Underground) 1973. 95 Minutes. Not rated.  Lots of blood and lots of naked women, just like a good Italian giallo should be. Fresh out of a convent school, Corringa returns to the family castle.  Actually sheís been kicked out of school and since sheís played by the extremely hot Jane Birkin of Blow Up fame, we have a large amount of eye candy to appease our perverted desires. If the kinky goings on in the castle isnít enough, somebody starts slaughtering everyone in the place.  And itís starting to look like it could be a Ö vampire?  Who could be responsible?  The French teacher with lesbian tendencies?  The son and master of the castle who makes obnoxious seem like a pleasant term?  The list of suspects is bizarre and whittled down slowly one by one as they get slaughtered.  What about the gorilla in the window?  At least I think itís a gorilla.
   Seven Deaths in the Catís Eye gives us sumptuous colors and a deliciously delirious storyline that if you miss a minute, youíll be scratching your head for days and be forced to watch the whole thing again.  Directed by Antonio Margheriti of CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE Cannibal Apocalypse infamy, this is a fully restored, gorgeous uncut print that proves what I have been saying for many months now; Blue Underground is trying to get all of our money.  I have no problem with that. -Douglas A. Waltz 



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