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(Seduction Cinema)  Erotic drama. Approx 90 minutes. Not rated, nudity, softcore sex. While visiting her Aunt Inga (Julian Wells), 18 year old Misty (Misty Mundae) decides to shed her shy and innocent skin to indulge in some sexual behaviour. After seeing Inga masturbate, Misty’s curiosity soars and decides to hook up with a dopey looking guy for some misadventure. Of course, unsatisfied with that experience, Misty asks Inga for some lesbian guidance. 
Putting aside the fact that Misty Mundae and Julian Wells are two babes who I dig, The Seduction of Misty Mundae stands on its own erotic feet with lots of sensual and feminine action, and of course nakkedness. As always with Seduction Cinema, the action is softcore and there’s always something blocking the good stuff. Betcha’ didn’t know that all women masturbate while wearing their panties. I must admit, the first scene showing Wells beating the bacon is pretty hot, even though the action is covered by undies. The viewer does have to suspend reality a bit when it comes to Misty playing an 18 year old. Although she is young looking, she’s not that young looking and she kind of over acts to make the role more realistic. And hey, what’s the deal with casting a goofy looking bahstud as the lead male? Golly, if you want goofy looking guys to star with Misty Mundae, pick me! Extras include director commentary, behind the scenes, Julian Wells photo shot, a peepshow thing, and trailers. The package also comes with a CD soundtrack. Nothing beats soft erotica with hot babes to sooth the soul, screw that chicken soup crap! – Denis Sheehan



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