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(Retro-Seduction Cinema) 1969. Rated R. Nudity, sexual situations. Directed by Joe Sarno. Poor Inga (Marie Liljedahl) is confused; her boyfriend split and she’s lonely, but she wants a sophisticated man who can fulfill her every mental and physical need.  Along comes musical stud Rolf, who tries his dandiest to sweep Inga of her feet. The there’s Stig, an older gentleman with cars, villa’s, and the know how of bedding young chicks. Of course, Inga falls for Stig, but runs to Rolf while the old fart is traveling. Well, Inga is now really confused. However, the confusion soon departs with the arrival of Greta who not only seduces Inga, but reveals one hecker of a secret that changes everything for our hot lil’ Swedish babe.
This Inga package comes with two DVDs each containing a different version of the main feature and extras. Of the main features, you want to watch the “grindhouse” cut, which is a bit more risqué.  This release follows upon Sarno’s notable 1967 release Inga, which also starred Liljedahl. The Seduction of Inga is far grimier than its predecessor, but is your typical grindhouse flic loaded with nudity, groovy hair cuts and clothes, and trippy music. However, the twist in Seduction just might make you dry heave. Fans of grindhouse cinema will certainly dig this flic, but outside of the ever so cute Lilhedahl, I’d probably have a hard timing selling this one to you. Extras include: 1969 release The Indelicate Balance (which I hated), commentary, two Inga documentary, video, Sarno trailers, previews, etc. Egads, I just can’t get the damn twist out of my mind. – Denis Sheehan   



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