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(Shock-O-Rama) DVD. Rated R. Approx 90 minutes. Violence, nudity. Roger, who makes his living by photographing terrorized women, hires three babes/models (Misty Mundae, C.J. DiMarsico, Heidi Kristoffer) and ventures off to an abandoned asylum to produce his latest pictorial masterpieces. The asylum, which was home to hundreds of torturous murders by its owner, is the perfect setting to horrify with its creepy history and desolate atmosphere. Using this history and creepiness, Roger proceeds to scare the shyt out of the models for his monetary, and penile, success. Just about the time the women realize that Roger is a big fat sleaze and decide to beat feet, a demon is unleashed from the bowels of the asylum and reigns its inhuman terror upon those who dare come near.
I must say, it was weird watching a Misty Mundae movie that is lacking nonstop nudity and girl on girl action. However, this movie is good enough to stand on its own without all of that good stuff. Yes, Misty does get topless and there are a few other skin shots (all actresses here are hot), but the emphasis of Screaming Dead lies within its creepiness and horror. I really liked the story, the acting is good (perhaps Misty’s best to date), stellar location, and the production work is good. However, although the conclusion is fairly unique, it is very anti-climatic. On the other end of the spectrum, the opening scene is pretty intense and very well done. Along with the movie, there are many extras; a documentary, cast and crew interviews, an almost embarrassing docu-kiss Misty’s ass-mentary, movie premier featurette, photo gallery, etc (to find the hidden extra-keep the word “eyes” in mind). Pictured on the back of the included booklet are three alternate Screaming Dead posters and a concept poster sketch by Michael Raso (EI Cinema Master and Commander); it would have been hilarious if they used Michael’s sketch for the actual poster/cover-but of course I’m not taking marketing and selling into mind, just my own amusement, as usual. You don’t get the typical Misty Mundae fair with this movie, but you do get a good movie starring Misty Mundae. Misty Mundae- there, I typed it again. – Denis Sheehan



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