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. DVD. 109 minutes. PG-13. Dewey Finn (Jack Black) is a wanna be rock star who just got his can thrown out of his own band. Needing money to pay the rent, Dewey decides to teach at a private elementary school posing as his roommate, who’s a substitute teacher.  Upon his arrival, Dewey soon learns that he has no idea how to teach the curriculum and that the kids have a lot more book smarts than he does. Desperately wanting to win a local Battle of The Bands competition, Dewey enlists the services of his students and teaches them how use their various talents… in the name of rock-n-roll.
School of Rock is flat out hilarious fun that will entertain you for 109 minutes. Although I loved Jack Black in High Fidelity, this is by far his best performance to date. He was made to play Dewey Finn. The rock music Dewey teaches the kids is of the old school variety; Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc. Extras include commentary by Black, director Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused, Suburbia, Slacker), and the kids, music video, kids video diary, Black’s plea to Zeppelin seeking permission to use The Immigrant Song, etc. Look, I’m not going to go on and on over this movie because my opinion is clear. I loved it and think you should check out, soon. – Denis Sheehan



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