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(Shock-O-Rama) Erotica. 80 minutes. Not Rated. Welcome to the Diablo School for Girls; an institution where your daughter can get a great education, but also a place where 8-6 girls disappear from every year. Of course, nobody seems to care about the missing girls, except for an investigative reporter; who just happens to be a hot, busty blonde. Although busy dealing with the reporter, the school’s domineering headmistress also must tend to the regular school business, which includes introducing a new student, Primula (Misty Mundae), to her Goth roommate Phoenix. As Primula soon discovers, there is more than education going on at the Diablo School for Girls.
What we have here is a bunch of girl on girl (except for one guy/girl) scenes wrapped around a fairly lose and pointless plot (luckily, this is one of those movies where plot doesn’t matter). There is lots of nudity, lots of touching, and a whole lot of “I can’t see what she’s doing to that other girl because of the camera angle damnit!” Satan’s School is also loaded with fetish kay-rap to keep you fetish baboons happy; bondage, a little whipping, leather, Goth, etc. Of course, all the action is soft-core and nobody was hurt while filming this movie (as far as I know anyway). The DVD also includes an 80 minute, black and white movie called “Blood for the Muse.” Blood is about a young man tired of life and religion and tries to summons some god like chick. While working in a video store, the young man often watches a movie that stars an Indiana Jones like character named…Cincinnati.  Too funny. Other extras include deleted scenes, a behind the scenes featurette, and trailers. I just read that this movie was originally titled “Satan’s School for Sluts,” but was renamed after the complaints started. Along with Askew fav Misty Mundae, SSFL stars Darian Caine, Barbara Joyce, Ruby Larocca, and Kelli Summers.- Denis Sheehan



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