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(Mondo Macabro) 1977.  English/Spanish language options. 82 minutes. Not Rated, violence, nudity. Andy and Anna are a good looking couple who are expecting their first baby. They’re also rather bored, but instead of going out dancing fearing harm to the fetus, they head out for a drive. While driving around, they run into a couple who claims to know them from school. Skeptically, Andy and Anna join their “friends” for a sleepover. After toying with a Ouija board, things start to go wrong and the Satanic nightmare begins.                   
   Satan’s Blood encompasses everything that trashy, Euro cinema should; some horror, some sex, full frontal nudity, Satanic rituals, and too much lame dialog. While most of the spooks are amusing, there are a few creepy moments that impressed me, i.e. that damn doll! I must admit, the ending-well, not the ending, but the scene leading to the ending- is one of the most brutal kills I’ve seen in a long time. One of the funnier moments is when Andy and Anna play grabass, naked, while standing in a porcelain tub filled with water. Now tell me, how is this less dangerous for the baby than dancing? Der. Satan’s Blood is notorious in Spain for being one of the first movies to be rated “S,” for sex. Extras include: alternate opening, still gallery, tons of text about the movie, and a 25 minutes documentary hosted by some Lemmy look alike Satanist. If you dig Satan/occult flics, this’n a good’n. If not, lighten up, have a drink, and have a laugh. Most importantly, however, worship the God who adorns the head of a goat. – Denis Sheehan



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