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(Blue Underground) 1975.Drama. 133 minutes. Not Rated. Nudity, sex. Directed by Tinto Brass. It’s 1939 and the Nazis are horny. Therefore, Hitler commands SS Officer Wallenberg to round up Germany’s most beautiful women and train them on the finer points of sexual pleasure. After the training is complete, the women are sent to Madame Kitty’s brothel, where they service high-ranking Nazi scum. However, Wallenberg has other plans of betrayal and blackmail in mind. 
Clocking in at well over two hours, Salon Kitty has to be one of the longest exploitation films ever and i
t’s about as long as it is boring. Based on true events, people into Nazi history may find the story to be interesting, but those looking for anything else will be disappointed. There is some nudity and sexual escapades that will help keep the attention deficit disorder sufferer on his/her toes, barely. Directed by Tinto Brass, this version of Salon Kitty is uncut and uncensored. Yippee. Also included is a bonus disc loaded with extras; interviews, design information, etc. Although this flic bored the snot out of me, I was rather impressed with the set design, costumes, and overall production work. Having reviewed about 5 Tinto Brass movies, I really think he’s been riding his Caligula fame way too long. – Denis Sheehan



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