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(Seduction Cinema) 1970/2002. Seduction Cinema. Erotic/grindhouse. Total disc time 140 minutes. NR, nudity, softcore lesbian action. Roxanna 1970; Roxanna is a conflicted woman. She loves the world of drugs, sex, bondage, and lesbianism, but she knows she needs to stop and it’s driving her insane. As she struggles with herself over what to do, her situation only worsens, as does her mental state. Roxanna 2002; Already addicted to cocaine, Roxanna is introduced to the world of lesbian sex after her bored boyfriend asks her to screw another female. Realizing her love for sex with women and her need for coke, Roxanna uses her body to get what she desires, and needs. 
In case you couldn’t tell, this DVD contains two movies; Roxanna the 1970 version (directed by Nick Phillips) and the 2002 remake starring Misty Mundae. Both versions contain soft core erotica lesbo sex scenes, but the 1970 version is a bit more grindhouse. Although both movies basically follow the same storyline, the remake lacked one huge aspect of the 1970 original. In the remake, Roxanna is totally consumed by drugs and sex, but she really doesn’t have a problem with it until the very end, and even then it’s questionable as to what drove her over the edge. In the original, Roxanna is just as obsessed, but obviously has major issues with her addictions. Her issues are so huge, she winds up sitting around naked, shaking, and drooling on herself. This being the case, the 1970 version is a bit more unsettling. On the other hand, Misty Mundae blows away Uschi Digart in the looks department. It would have been cool to see Misty drool on herself. The original Roxanna clocks in at just over an hour, while the remake in approx 30 minutes. “Despair,” a short, very low budget film about two people committing suicide, is also included. Other DVD extras include; an interview with “42nd Street” Pete concerning grindhouse cinema and Roxanna (this interview is actually pretty interesting), trailers, and Roxanna 2002 commentary by Misty and director Ted Crestview. Old grindhouse, newer feeling remake, and a boatload of extras will make for one great beer soaked Saturday night (hmm..although, I did watch this DVD on a beer soaked Friday night). – Denis Sheehan



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