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(Shock-o-Rama) Horror/black comedy. Total disc time 130 minutes. NR, nudity, crudeness. After losing his rock star client, a greedy music agent decides to take matters in his own hands to boost his business, and wallet. Wanting the perfect rock and roll star, the agent hires his hack scientist nephew, Frankie Stein, to assemble a chart topping musician using the body parts of deceased rock icons. Pieces from Hendrix, Holly, Elvis, Sid Vicious, and Jim Morrison are tapped to become the new rock star. With the help of a bong happy roadie, Frankie is able to create the perfect rock star, who soon conquers the charts with his music. However, a certain influential body part from Liberace winds up adorning the rock and roll Frankenstein, which throws the poor bastard into a state of confusion and threatens his popularity.
Starting off with a pretty funny and gimmicky plot, Rock & Roll Frankenstein suddenly turns a bit stale about midway through the movie. Not that I didnít enjoy this classic piece of twisted trash, but the joke just went on for a bit too long. Although not in the movie all that much, the funniest characters are the three bumbling dope heads who perform the grave robbing. Luckily, the bong happy roadie, one of the dope headed grave robbers, is around a lot more to make things funny. For some reason, I also found the homosexual male whore pretty funny (youíll see if you watch this movie).  Oddly enough, the music played by The Monsterís band isnít all that bad. Usually in these types of movies, the music is downright horrid. On another horrid note, I just know the hamster storyline will either make you cry with laughter or absolutely sicken you. Me, I laughed. For an independent flic, the production values are great; camera work, lighting, sound, and even the acting are all above par. The DVD includes commentary by the director (which I didnít listen to because he was kind of a snot to me a few years ago), behind the scenes feature, music video, and trailers. Ė Denis Sheehan



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