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(Pookie Films) 2002.  Comedy/Fantasy.  138 minutes. Not Rated.  An overweight watch seller, Bob (Damon Packard), wanders the streets of Los Angeles looking for potential sales.  While walking the streets, he swears and yells at numerous people and dogs, and also stops for the occasional snack.  At the same time, his sister, Julie (Nicole Vanderhoff), who died of a PCP overdose, searches for him. 
I found the first half-hour of this movie to be funny and interesting.  The same can’t be written about the remaining 100 minutes.  The plot is really slow in developing, not to mention very confusing.  Most of the movie is Bob stumbling around LA with his “bundle.”  At first, the yelling and swearing is humorous, but it quickly becomes stale.  The sound effects are greatly exaggerated, and are quite irritating and loud.  At times it seemed as if the watch seller was eating light sabers.  Some of the dialogue is difficult to understand, partly because of bad audio, and partly because characters’ voices are dubbed over with chipmunk like voices.  I do have to give credit to Damon Packard for the job he does playing Bob; without him, I wouldn’t have made it through the whole 2 hours.  If this film was made as some sort of criticism on American culture or society, which I have a feeling it might have, I didn’t get it.  The DVD also includes a trailer and an earlier works compilation.  The extras are poor at best.  Thanks to this film, my friends will no longer allow me to bring movies to movie nights.  – C Clark



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