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(Blue Underground) Both 1969. Both 79 minutes long. Psychedelic Spy Spoofery like only Franco can. Not rated. Diana (Janine Reynaud) and Regina (Rosanna Yanni) are two stunning women who are the Red Lips Detective Agency and when bizarre things are going on, they are the women to call.
  In Two Undercover Angels, the girls find themselves in the midst of a slew of murdered models, actresses, and exotic dancers who have one thing in common; they all appear in the artwork of Mr. Radeck (producer Adrian Hoven), who has a werewolf looking fellow with the Franco familiar name of Morpho working for him. Will the girls be able to get to the bottom of this murderous caper?
  In Kiss Me Monster, the girls are doing a striptease tour, but it isnít long before they are up to their shapely bosoms in Satanists and sadists after the secret of human cloning! From there it plunges headfirst into the bizarre psychedelic world of the 60ís.
  Both of these films are a product of their time. They embrace the world of 60ís psychedelic weirdness and give us films that seem to have inspired the way out world of no less than Austin Powers. The colors are rich and wild, the girls are as gorgeous as we come to expect from Franco during this time period, and the soundtrack is pure Franco jazz. In other words, a truly memorable film experience to be had by all. As far as DVD extras go, we get a pair of short interviews with the director, always a good time to be had there as Jess remembers what it was like to make these films back in the 60ís. You also get the theatrical trailer for both films. These could have really used commentaries. It would be nice to have Jess sit down with someone like Tim Lucas or, Hell, me and give us what it must have been like to make these two films that are so unlike the majority of his output. Ah well, we can all dream. If youíre looking for a delightfully fun introduction to the world of Jess Franco, this may be the perfect way to do it. -Douglas A. Waltz




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