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PREMUTOS: Lord of the Living Dead  
(Shock-O-Rama) 1998.  Horror. 100 minutes. NR. Gore, violence. "For the most gruesome special effects, you do not need Hollywood-- You only need Olaf Ittanbach!" says the dubbed English voice of Olaf Ittanbach at the beginning of the "making of" segment of the DVD, and I honestly could NOT agree more! Olaf is god! Plain and simple, this is a work of Cinematic Genius!
     Nearly every moment of this great film includes gruesome deaths and gore-filled maimings. Don't let the cheesy cover fool you. None of the goons on this redone-for-American-release cover is in the movie. Why Shock-O-Rama felt the need to change the cover when they licensed it from Germany is beyond me.
     This movie tells the story of Matthias, a regular fellow who turns out to be Premutos, the first fallen angel, who is reborn throughout time and no matter when he's on earth, rest assured chaos is not far away. We see people getting burned at the stake, gruesome wars, and a zombie filled dinner party that gets out of hand! One of the movies heroes is a Luciano Pavoratti look-a-like, which is additionally entertaining!
     If you don't understand that Mathias is having visions from his past incarnations when jumping into this film (at least in the dubbed version), the movie can get a bit confusing, but no matter how you slice it (and believe me they slice it!) this is a stupendous film!
     Dozens of quality kills, bizarre story lines, and a cast of characters the likes of which the world has never seen makes this a most memorable film! To top it off, they even offer up a kill count at the end; so don't even bother counting! From the moment an axe is flung into a guy's eye, I knew this would be a classic.
      In the few short weeks I have had this great splatter masterpiece, I have forced it upon half a dozen others and all have loved it! -- Okay, I know I sound like a Premutos commercial here, but I mean it all. This isn't some bullshit Colgate commercial, this is the SHIT!
One thing I want to bring up is the movie is offered in German or dubbed in English. Itís too bad a German with English subtitles isnít available as an option because the dubbed English version had way fewer cool sound effects. For example, in the scene where a lady gets burned at the stake, we hear her yell and moan on occasion, but the crackling fire is strangely silent. Leave it to the Germans to outshine American horror tenfold!
     I could go on and on about this great movie all day long, but rather than do that, I urge you to rent it, buy it, seek it out! Find it, whatever it takes, and watch this movie! If you don't, Premutos and I will hunt you down and kill you with our zombie mod squad!
The Whore of Horror has spoken, and so it is done! -Amy Bugbee



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