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(Brink Films) Documentary. Approx 52 minutes. Not rated, language, very brief nudity. Hey, porn stars are human too! True, they can do inhuman things when it comes to sex; things I can only dream of doing. But they are human and this documentary proves it. Like a lot of people, porn stars look for and find love in animals, their pets. Pornstar Pets takes several porn stars away from the adult entertainment industry for the sole reason of talking about their pets and love of animals. Listen to Ron Jeremy talk about his pet turtle, Cherry. Listen to Lena Ramon ramble off all the names of her 30+ pets- her house must stink to the high heavens. Watch Sunset Thomas ride her horse and talk about how much she loves me. Sorry, she looks so damn good on that horse it made me hallucinate. All together you get 25 porn stars and approx 94 pets.
Although I was a tad dismayed at the absence of nudity and sexual conduct, I did find myself actually liking this documentary. I am not a pet person and I generally hate listening to people talk about their pets. However, the fact that the people talking are employed in the adult entertainment field somewhat captivated me. Yes, there are a few episodes of rambling that could have been edited out of this doc, but all in all what these pet lovers have to say comes across as heart warming and caring. And hey, even though I couldn’t care less about her pets, Violet Blue has my vote as the hottest porn star pet owner! I will look for her movies. Pornstar Pets is written and directed by Margie Schnibbe. On the interesting side, cinematographer John Gulager was the winner of Project Greenlight, season three. Extras include; commentary with Ron Jeremy, galleries, etc. If you’re a fan of porn and a member of Peta, look out, your head may explode. – Denis Sheehan



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