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(Seduction Cinema) DVD. Erotic parody. Total disc time approx 120 minutes. NR, nudity, softcore lesbo sex. After crash landing their spaceship on a seemingly strange planet, three female astronauts quickly exit the ship, shed their spacesuits, and joyously wash each other in a nearby stream. While frolicking with each other’s bodies, the astronauts' clothing is stolen, leaving them naked. Not the least bit hindered, the now naked ladies wonder the forest until they come across three jungle people. The two frightened males run away, but the one female (later named Uvala)  is instantly drawn to astronaut Gaylor (Misty Mundae). As the girls get to know one another, they are suddenly besieged by a group of talking apes and captured. Sure enough, Gayor and Uvala are thrown in a cage together and have at it like sex crazed monkeys. Just as the captured women think they’re going to be enslaved, along comes Dr. Cornholeus (Debbie Rochon) who wishes to prove that humans deserve the same rights as apes. To prove this, she plays some zany music to show all the nay sayers that humans have rhythm, therefore they have a brain. Ya ok. So after much debate, the girls escape the bad apes, run for their lives, engage in more lesbian sex, rap a tune, and Gaylor eventually rides her ship to safety. Or does she? Hmmm…
Although in the same vein as past Seduction Cinema erotic parodies, Playmate of the Apes takes the goofiness a bit too far this time. I am beginning to think that silliness and erotica are not a good mix. As usual with SC releases, the sex scenes are plentiful and all the lesbian action is softcore. Aside form Misty Mundae (long time readers of Askew know my feeling towards her), I was not impressed with the rest of the female cast. Debbie Rochon, another b-movie favorite of mine, does co-star, but is hidden behind a monkey mask and remains clothed. It would have been great if Debbie got in to the action while wearing the monkey mask. The DVD includes outtakes, cast interviews, two trailers, and some other stuff. Watch/buy this one for Misty. – Denis Sheehan



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