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(Website) 2013. Comedy. 96 minutes. Not rated. Vulgar humor.  The delivery boys, sans Pete, down at the pizza shop are bored and don’t really value their jobs. So, they partake in all sorts of shenanigans, tease one another, get revenge against cheapskate customers, and pull pranks nonstop. However, when one prank goes too far, delivery boys and polar opposites, Pete and Jason (Robert Bielfelt, Cian Patrick O’Dowd) square off head to head in a contest which results in something no one saw coming.
            The best way to describe the humor in this indie comedy is to think Beavis and Butthead grew up and made a movie, which is why I did laugh at a lot of the sophomoric silliness. Oh, and there’s even some crudeness that’ll get those with weak tummies gagging! I must admit, the prank that causes the clash…well, it even fooled me, made me feel sad, and then had me laughing hard. Now, there is plenty of amusing dialog, but some of it is lost due to poor comedic timing as some of the lines are just not presented well. Best acting goes to Chelsea Breibart, who plays Jenny, the one somewhat stable Pizza Shop employee. And I’m not writing this because I find her ridiculously cute and will someday make her my own. Two flaws I typically find in these type of low budget movies are piss poor sound and lighting. This is not the case with Pizza Shop: The Movie. Bravo! Honestly, I would love to know what movies influenced writer/director George O’Barts as a child. God, I can actually believe some of this shit actually happening in real life. –Denis Sheehan

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