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(Cult Epics) DVD. 1998. Cult Epics. Total disc time approx 45 minutes. NR, nudity, gross stuff. While seemingly reading instructions from a book, a faceless man tortures his faceless victim in a secluded, run down house. The more the killer reads, the more brutal and painful the torture becomes. As usual with this kind of sick torture, the killer has his fun for a while and death finally comes for the hapless victim. 
Although only 23 minutes long, this fairly tweaked flic packs a disturbing punch to the belly. Never mind the fact that torture has always freaked me out, but the methods of torture employed here made my skin crawl. Four words of advice; leave the penis alone! Aside from one incoherent yelling fit, there is no dialog, but none is needed because the warp like soundtrack will numb your brain. I honestly felt like I was induced into a trance while watching this movie and didnít realize how icked out I was until it was over. I am sure there is a ton of meaning and/or symbolism going on here, but as usual, I totally missed the bus. The movie starts off with some grainy 8mm, but quickly switches to a higher quality, but just as desperate feeling, 16mm. I watched this DVD on a surround sound system and the soundtrack is pretty damn freaky. I felt like my head was in a drum spinning round and round. Pig was written by and stars one Rozz Williams, who not only was in a Goth band called Christian Death, but killed himself in 1998. Suicide always adds a little intrigue to oneís artistic work. Nico B, who directed, produced, and edited Pig, did a nice job compiling a bunch of extras for this DVD; commentary by Nico, photo gallery, deleted scenes, a memorial video to Rozz, and more (thereís even a hidden easter egg). Included with the DVD is the 40 page booklet the killer reads from in the movie. Yes, you too can follow along at home with the killer, hopefully without victim though. Pig will appeal to many people; indi fans, horror fans, fetish fans, and fans of the twisted. Along with this being a good DVD, it will be just as fun explaining that cover (one of the coolest Iíve seen) to your mother or kids. I shall never wrap my head in gauze again.- Denis Sheehan



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