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PASSION & POWER: The Technology of Orgasm
(First Run Features) Documentary. 74 minutes. Not rated. From torturous looking table size monstrosities to today’s fancy pants gizmos, the vibrator has been around since the creation of Earth. Passion & Power opens with a historical look at a plethora of vibrators and their variety of uses throughout the years. The documentary, while keeping the female orgasm in the forefront, then morphs from the vibrator’s growth to women’s liberation and demand for social equality.
Tastefully done, Passion & Power employs old newspaper advertisements (did you know Sears once sold vibrators in their stores?), antique vibrators, and interviews to show how far the technology has come, but also how socially backwards its acceptance has fallen. The women interviewed are open and informative on the subject. This is an informative piece, not one of pornography, though some would beg to differ I bet. A majority of the production is done so in a scrapbook like fashion- screen subjects framed with girly furls and pretty backgrounds. I loved the historical look at the vibrator, but found the women’s lib stuff a bit tired. However, how can one not feel outrage over Texas laws making it unlawful for a woman to own more than five vibrators? Oh yes, and we see evidence of one woman’s struggle against this law as she fell victim to its absurdity. Like Secret deodorant, Passion & Power is strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. – Denis Sheehan



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