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(Site) Action. 100 minutes. Rated R for violence. Directed by Robert Rodriguez. With the help of the legendary El Mariachi, corrupt CIA agent Sands (Johnny Depp) rains mayhem, deceit, and treachery upon an already unstable Mexican government as it tries to defend itself from a Coup-de-Ca.
All out pedal to the metal violent and fiery fun best sums up this final movie of the “El Mariachi” trilogy. Robert Rodriguez returns to the helm and once again cranks out one hell of a good time. There is a love story going on here, but it’s seen via flashbacks, which keeps the action rolling. Yes, I am a huge Rodriguez fan and thoroughly enjoy his movies. Antonio Banderas returns as the El Mariachi and does a god job. Along with Depp and Banderas, actors included are; Willem Dafoe, Mickey Rourke (who looks mightily odd), Salma Hayek, Danny Trejo, and Enrique Iglesias (which I found amusing because that’s the name I use when leaving phone messages in my nearly perfect imitation Mexican accent). Included with the festive movie are many festive DVD extras; great commentary by Rodriguez, deleted scenes, five featurettes that cover various topics, and even a ten minutes cooking class given by Rodriguez (can’t wait to make this tasty looking pork dish). As much as I hate admitting it, I have been liking many of Depp’s roles and acting in various movies over the past few years. This is a great movie to cap off the trilogy, but I hate to see this series cease. - Denis Sheehan



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